Discover the jewel of Belgrade

Throughout the rich history of Balkan region, Zemun strategic location near the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers, placed it in the center of the continued border wars between the Habsburg and the Ottoman empires. Together with the fact that Zemun became one of the Belgrade municipalities less then 100 years ago, todays Zemun architectural, cultural and bohemian identity makes it distinctive part of Serbian capital worth of Your memories.

The uninhabited river islands of Great War Island and Little War Island on the Danube, also belong to the municipality of Zemun. This is where the smallest mammal in Europe was discovered. It is a dworf bat wheying only 4 grams. War islands are also world famous among bird lovers since they are home for dozen of rare endemic bird speices. For the residents of Zemun, Lido city beach on the Great War Island is the place to be during hot summer days…

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