1. Home Museum of Zemun

The Spirta House is the house in Zemun. Built in 1855, today is the location of the Zemun Home Museum. Since 1965 has been protected as the cultural monument. The house is the only preserved representative of the Gothic Revival architecture in the wider Belgrade area.

The Spirta House was luxuriously built in a neo-gothic style. The facade is made of stone, and on the walls of the wide arched entrance into the house are painted motives from Greek mythology. The steps leading into the hallway were made of iron red marble.

To this day, the house suffered many changes. It is assumed that during the First World War, the house was used for military purposes. One hundred and ten years since it was built, in 1965, this building was declared a cultural monument of exceptional significance.


  1. Art gallery “Stara kapetanija”

The gallery was founded in 1985. The founder is the Association of Fine Artists and Applied Artists of Zemun with the aim of continuously organizing, as the only gallery of city type in Zemun and New Belgrade, during the calendar year of an independent, collective and authorial exhibition of art and applied artists of all generations in order to inform the audience and promote all current events on the visual scene of the city and the region.

Such an annual program does not favor any artistic poetics or artistic expression and provides an insight into a wide range of artistic events in general. Over the course of twenty years of existence in the Gallery more than 500 exhibitions have been organized. Within the gallery there is a permanent sale of works of art and applied artists.


  1. Opera and theater “Madlenianum”

Opera and theater “Madlenianum” was founded in 1997, as the first private opera in the Balkan. Fused to the ambience and spirit of the old Zemun, “Madlenianum” is the center of cultural and artistic events of this part of Belgrade. From the first days of its existence, “Madleninum” has chosen for the work on the creation of opera as a theatrical art in which the opening of new and unresolved artistic spaces is suggested by the mutual rapprochement of music and drama theater.


  1. Summer in Gardošu

One of the most important cultural and artistic manifestations of Zemun “Summer in Gardoš “. Theatre lies on the plateue of Millenium Tower. The main cultural event, a series of mostly otudoors theatrical performances, held in July and August each year.


  1. Karamata Family House

Karamata family house is the cultural monument. One of the few town houses in the oldest part of Zemun. It represents the cultural property of a great importance to Belgrade and is situated in Zemun. Representative building is connected to several historical events and personalities. At the time of the Austro-Turkish war in 1788-89, Emperor Joseph II stayed here, also Emperor Franz I, as well as many other famous historical figures from that period. As a guest in the house was also a great Serbian reformer Vuk Karadzic.

The owner preserved moving inventory dating from different periods. The greatest value has a collection of portraits, which represent valuable exemplares of Serbian painting from the late 18th century to the present day.